Grooming concrete roses into champions and serving arts starved communities a heavy dose of hope, through the arts, is the life mission of Tamaira “Miss Tee” Sandifer.


Tamaira Sandifer has been dancing and choreographing since the age of 7 years old.  Growing up in an impoverished community in Richmond, California, dance was a primary form of entertainment for her 6 member family as extra-curricular activities were luxuries the single parent family could not afford. There were no dance programs in her hood so her dance studio became MTV and her dance masters Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, and many others through music videos. She thrived in this tough environment, forcing her to grow in problem solving, creativity and innovation. These same giftings are used to impact the many cities she has planted roots in today.


By the time she graduated high school, her passion for the arts created opportunities that compelled her out of the hood and into multiple successful entrepreneurial art based careers.


By 2000, Sandifer was married, raising 2 little girls, and decided to relocate to California’s capital, Sacramento. She began volunteering in local churches, community centers and dance studios teaching urban arts. She quickly built a following that outgrew many of her volunteer spaces. She also developed the reputation as a no nonsense coach who gets results from even the toughest of youth candidates. Her mission became clear, to impact as many youth as she could, through the arts.


In 2005, Ms. Tee’s popularity demanded that she establish herself and this mother of three started her dance business, Studio T Urban Dance Academy, and non profit 3.0, Inc.


Studio T became the arts partner for school districts and after school enrichment programs all over Northern California interfacing with nearly 3,800 students in the course of a school year. They began to churn out Hollywood’s most sought after young dancers including THE 2016 winner of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ . Her graduates currently travel the world working with artistS like: Justin Beiber, JLo, Jabbawokeez, NappyTabs, Brittany Spears, Usher, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Chris Brown, and many others. She won international and regional Hip Hop dance titles as well as voted ‘’Best of Sacramento’’. Through her work with the juvenile Youth Detention Facility, she won ’Volunteer of the year’.


She added a family component called S.T.E.P. (Studio T Empowering Parents) and now offers FREE workshops that help dance families grow in family management learning skills like budgeting, debt freedom, meal planning, How To Not Go Broke At Christmas, and much more.


Her intense passion about giving youth hope permeates the environments where she has a presence resulting in youth and their families developing and growing in confidence, community leadership, and desire to thrive outside what they see on their 'blocks'. The result of this recipe have been proven time and time again as her young protégé’s take on the world through dance and their pursuit of higher education.


The mission of this dancer, producer, entrepreneur, no nonsense coach, educator, speaker, author, arts advocate, and urban arts innovator is simple, serve her community, give from her heart, love hard, and DANCE!